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Wales along with the UK has suffered it's stormiest winter and the most rainfall since records began this season 2013/2014 - coastal regions being battered very badly by one storm after the other

Finally the spring weather has arrived March 2014 - and the dryer weather is allowing flooded parts of Wales and the UK to dry up - weather models are still showing possible wintry incursions to our weather through spring.

After such a bad winter we are all hoping in Wales that this year we'll get a glorious summer - ideal for all the tourists to enjoy the outdoors we have here in Wales

Then our attentions will turn to our next winter 2014/2015 - what will it bring?


It seems we could be heading for another "little

ice age" - low or NO solar sun spot activity could

well make winters longer, snowier and colder over

the coming decades


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As Wales' independent provider

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Fel darparwyr gwasanaeth y tywydd annibynnol yng Nghymru anelwn i ddarparu gwefan i chi sy’n darogan y tywydd yn llawn a’ch cadw’n gyfredol gyda’r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf sydd gennym.

We would also like to encourage weather

enthusiasts and new comers to the forecasting of

the weather to post their thoughts on our forum

page and ask questions to improve their working

knowledge of how the weather comes to effect us

on a daily basis here in Wales

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